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Disainitud kõigi KevPro eksklusiivsete kujunditega, kuid erinevalt painduv muster ja piirjoon, mis on sihikindlalt loodud andma ainulaadseid omadusi neile, kes sõidavad tavakiirusel. Ainulaadne põhjakuju, millel on täis nõgus põhi koos kolmekordsega nõgusad kanalid. Spetsiaalselt loodud maksimaalse haarduvuse tagamiseks nihutage ala oma tagumise jala poole, lastes samal ajal veel vabamalt sisse voolata laua keskosa maksimaalse kiiruse saavutamiseks.

Laua komplekti kuulub laud ja uime set 4 tk.

Laua komplekti ei kuulu sidemed.

Damien about SUPER E

What were your design goals for Super E?

The goal was also very simple: Make a board that would feel just as good as KevPro for every day riders that don’t necessarily ride super fast all the time. This was achieved by mainly working on the flex of the board in order to have a softer response than KevPro.

Can you tell us about the shape of the board and how you achieved those goals?

The bottom channels are designed to be more pronounced in the tips of the board where the water flow is more parallel to the board in order to provide grip without slowing you down, while the center of the board has minimal bottom shaping in order to let water flow as fast as possible.

The edge of the board, however, has our rail edging channel that provides grip between your feet acting like a center fin for maximum grip without necessarily leaning on your back foot.

Thanks to the layup, Super E is designed with a Flex tuned to give you the absolute best response when riding moderately fast.

What’s new for collection 4?

We’ve designed the tips to a ‘double swallow’. This design keeps the same rail length, while reducing the surface area, allowing you to push the board down further for even more grip when loading up for jumps.



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