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SUPERWING X on kõige jäigem, tugevam ja kõige otsesem tiib, mida oleme kunagi loonud. Saad sõita kiiremini, hüpata kõrgemale ja sõita kaugemale vastutuult kui kunagi varem. SUPERWING X seab standardi kõrge sooritusvõimega tiibadele. Edasijõudnud sõitjad märkavad kohe, kui otsene, jäik, reageeriv ja stabiilne tiib see on. Sa hüppad kõrgemale, sõidad kiiremini, sõidad kaugemale vastutuult ja koged kogu suurepärast tiibade võimsust.

Komplekti kuulub tiib, käeleash, kott ja paranduskomplekt. Komplekti ei kuulu pump.



X-PLYCANOPY The X-PLY is stiffer, stronger and has

virtually no stretch compared to regular canopy material,

providing a ride like never before. The whole platform is

much stiffer with minimal flutter even when the wing is

flown at Neutral, making it the most stable and silent ride

you’ll ever experience..

FOLDSTRIP The Use of X-PLY would not have been

possible without our patent pending FOLDSTRIP that

allows for the wing to be carried in a small bag. The

FOLDSTRIP allows the wing to be folded in half at the level

of the canopy material strip then rolled preventing

creases on the X-PLY.

EVOLUTIVE AR The Aspect Ratio evolves along with each

size. Bigger sizes have a lower AR for a shorter wing span

and better low end power, while smaller sizes have a

slightly higher AR for superior high end control and speed.

This also prevents the wingtip of bigger sizes from

touching the water.

TENSIONEDCANOPY Built under tension for the most

stable profile and wing, providing a very direct feel with

minimal flutter when riding. This ensures a very stable ride,

both in neutral at the front handle, as while riding.

RADIAL SEAMS The triple axis grid of the X-PLY perfectly

spreads the effort throughout the entire canopy. This

translates into a much more efficient wing.

S-strut with recessed handles: The back of the strut is

directly connected to the canopy for a very direct feel, the

recess at level of handles offer the best ergonomics


TRIPLE LAYER LE A third Layer of dacron in the center of

our Leading Edge provides extra stiffness to your wing for

minimal deflection under load, translating into a more

direct feel and a more efficient wing overall.


2.1m2, 2.8m2, 3.6m2, 4.2m2, 4.7m2, 5.2m2, 6.0m2

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